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more intelligent import suite

Hi, is there a possibility to have a more intelligent import. We had an manual import of Mc Donald's restaurants in Germany. There is the situation more complicated:

  • restaurants are allready there
  • we have only the adress data

So what should a tool do?

  • build up an adress->geoposition list
  • determine baseing on the administrative level (village, city,...) a search area for dublicates
  • pre cleanup (if there's just one restaurant in the city and is there just one restaurant to add, it has to be the only one)

for te remaining ones do:

  • search if there are dublicates within this area, then mark the entry as allready present
    • if there's no possible matching item around try to determine a position based on the adress (via OSM)
      • if there are absolutely no housenumbers add a vague point with "fixme=position not clear" or just an openstreetbug or mark them for manualy adding
      • if there are only a few adress nodes try to interpolate the right position and mark them as guessed
      • if there is the right housenumber add a new node
  • return a list and statistics about dublicates/unsure/added items