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Proposed move to 'Inland navigation'

The Wikipedia article for the subject is wikipedia:Inland navigation. Given that the article should also cover navigation by vessels smaller than a ship (for example boats, canoes etc) that the title see more appropriate than the current 'Inland shipping navigation'. The propose title also fits better with the parallel Marine navigation article. Any comments? PeterIto 13:53, 13 June 2012 (BST)

I have completed the move. PeterIto 01:16, 19 June 2012 (BST)

New tagging proposals included as part of this article?

I am wondering if some of the tags recommended in this article are new and should probably be moved to a 'proposals' section at the bottom of the article or into a separate proposals article. Any comments? PeterIto 01:18, 19 June 2012 (BST)

I have now done a big edit of this article moving tags which appear to be new proposals to a 'proposals' section. PeterIto 01:46, 23 June 2012 (BST)