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looks very nice, a checkbox for

  • SH School Holiday, can be used to indicate different opening hours during school holidays (eg Mo-Fr 08:00-09:00,14:00-15:00; SH off) [1]
  • PH Public Holiday, can be used to indicate different opening hours during public holidays (eg Mo-Fr 09:00-17:00; PH 10:00-12:00; PH Su off)[1]


  • "24/7" as well as
  • a "+" behind a time means "from" or "open end" (e.g. Sa 22:00+) (to distinguish from 22:00-? for there is one but I don't now yet aka fixme)

would be useful for the beginners and in this special cases.

I want say thank you for the plugin. Now it is really easy to edit opening hours. There is also a map where you can see the result:

And on a other site of the author you can vaildate your opening hours string: This vailidator seems to be more intelligent than the plugin. Would it be posible to upgrade your plugin?

Thank you for the Link. I was not knowing about this website before. And you are completely right, the grammar which is used by this online tool reflects more funtionalty than the OpeningHoursEditor. I think i will spend some time and try to adopt the grammar of the plugin to this more complex one. --Boman 14:25, 25 November 2010 (UTC)
That would also solve my issue: time wrap. Your plugin declares eg. "Sa 20:00-03:00" as invalid - for Netzwolf's tool it's valid Cwh 12:40, 19 December 2012 (UTC)

The site form Netzwolf is offline. You can use this.


First, technically all the referenced sites above are already have gone pretty well, and the links are very dead. The site should stay around for a while for syntax checking.

Then, indeed it seems that the syntax of the editor wasn't really updated to the full syntax since 2010 which is probably not a huge problem but should be noted. --grin 09:56, 27 August 2014 (UTC)