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Building addresses in Seoul

In Seoul, the building plaques are brown. In the rest of Korea they are blue. Is this the new style for Seoul?

Here is an example, from Nambu Terminal:


There are six key pieces of information on the sign.

 A QR Code

We can record the first two pieces on the node/building area: addr:housenumber=292 addr:street=효령로

The third piece is the street in English. I don't think we need to record that on the node, as long as it is recorded on a nearby street.

Next is the region/locality, right?

What is the number 1446-1?

What is encoded in the QR Code?

--alimamo 14:40, 15 November 2010 (UTC) Looks to me like that number, with the "dong" may be the old address system, but I honestly don't know.