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How to map ward boundaries:

Wards are normally a administration entity within the admin_level=8 boundaries. Since all admin_level=8 boundaries in Kerala are mapped, these boundaries should be used as part of ward boundaries.

  • Ward boundaries have the following tags:
  • type = boundary
  • boundary=local_authority
  • local_authority:IN=gram_panchayat or municipality or municipal corportation
  • admin_level = 10
  • name= the real name of the ward (like „Birikkulam“); do not include here in any way the ward number
  • ward=6 (this is the place for the ward number)

in addition you can add, if you have informations:

Additional hints :

  • 1) Since the maps of wards are more detailled than the maps of panchayats and other higher boundaries: First make corrections to the higher boundaries.
  • 2) If the ward boundary is at the coast: use the existing coastline as part of the boundary
  • 3) big lakes and rivers: the admin_level=8,6,5 are normally in the middle of the rivers and lakes. Then create new ward boundary parts at the water edges.
  • 4) In no case do ward boundaries cross boundaries of higher admin_levels.
  • 5) Since it is quite easy to make mapping errors with boundaries, please use only JOSM and check the validation results before uploading. Use the newest version of JOSM, because in older versions you do not get a warning if you split a way which is part of uncompletely downloaded relations.
  • 6) Do not use other ways (like streets, woods,...) for boundaries. The mapping of these ways change too often and the risk of boundary relation errors is great.

-- Heinz_V


-- naveenpf 14:08, 2 January 2021 (UTC)