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Gram panchayats

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Block Panchayath

Blocks are not formed from Gram Panchayath. Ward(not revenue wards) is the basic units. Wards form Gram Panchayath/Corporation/Muncipality. A group of wards from more than one Gram Panchayath can form a block. So no hierarchical relations between Gram and Block.

Panchayath Ward is a political boundary where are revenue ward is an administrative boundary.

Hello @Arunmadhavan:,

AFIK, Example - Irinjalakuda Block consists of four panchayath. Karalam, Kattur,Muriyad, Parapookara panchyats. reference
My reference is in delimitation website - . Yes these four panchayats are further divided in 13 wards
About Revenue Villages in Kerala mapping is not started. Is there something called revenue ward ? Isn't Revenue Villages are again divided into 'Survey NOs' ?
And current tagging scheme is a mess. It has to be corrected.

-- naveenpf 03:18, 1 September 2020 (UTC)

The specific instance may be correct. But that is not the general rule, at least that is what I gather from peopkle who work on decentralisation or mapping in Kerala. During elections under Panchayath Raj, in rural local bodies, one has to vote for three persons, one each to represent either a ward, Block Division or District Panchayath Division. Basic unit is Gram panchayath ward. Block Division and District Division comprise of wards from one or more Panchayaths. Howeveroverlap is not very high. But we may assume it won't happen. Gram Panchayath, Block Panchayath and District Panchayath are independent entities with no hierarchical relationships. Just that their size varies. Block Divisions join together to form Block Panchayath and District Panchayath Divisions join to form District Panchayath.
Survey no is primarily about land ownership. It does not have a ward, but a block(i remove reference suggesting the same). In the block comes survey numbers. But I think for administrative purposes, the village is the lowest unit. Block and survey no is abt land mapping mainly for ownership information.
Census has a boundary which I think again is completely different.

--Arunmadhavan (talk) 07:13, 1 September 2020 (UTC)

Duplicate Boundaries

There are 16 local boundary duplicates as on Dec,30 2020-

12 are here -

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