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Maintaining this list

What's this list for? On the one hand it is described as contact details for disseminating information "Announcements are sent to this list and they are translated and sent on to the local lists by the people on this list" it's about translating?

...but also someone's gone around and added linked this page from a bunch of places to "help" new users find it. This is confusing. For new users I'd rather we organised everything "local" via the Mapping projects pages. Wiki visitors can navigate down to their country (or city if available) to find contact details as well as upcoming events and info on local mapping coordination. A one-stop-shop for somebody in a particular country/city

We have a template mechanism for adding user group info to a city page: Template:User group, which gives us a listing at Category:User group. Perhaps we should have the same for "local contact".

The list currently has some old entries. e.g. Sarah AT Those things got fixed on the local Mapping projects pages a long time ago.

-- Harry Wood 03:34, 15 September 2011 (BST)