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News / Change log

Date Version Remark
April 1st, 2011 Update -added: interactive routing option in bug details view
-added: relevance indidicator and filter for bug reports based on completeness of description
-added: 'close as software bug' function for bug reports that refer to software rather than map problems
-changed: Potlach link refers to Potlach 2
March 3rd, 2011 Update -added: added comments to the RSS feed
December 21st, 2010 Update -added: data dumps
-added: overall statistics
-fixed: map view and statistics synced
November 23rd, 2010 Release 1.0 Launch of

Future Roadmap

  • 2011
    • Public API
    • iOS-friendly web page
    • Data dumps in CSV format
    • Bug quality improvement measures
    • User account (for monitoring system as well as for omitting CAPTCHA)
    • Monitoring system for own/selected bugs
    • Adjusted skobbler bug reporting interface (to improve bug quality)


  • add an extra category for speed cameras ("Blitzer") since there are lots and lots of speed camera issues at least in my area (Hamburg) which are very distracting, would require a survey and should be hideable.
  • add an extra category for construction sites ("Baustelle") since a lot of those "bugs" are only temporarly. Also the construction site bugs should be hideable
  • Encourage bug reporters to leave better feedback. If someone chooses "Missing street" encourage them to provide the name of the missing street, and the street(s) that it connects to. If someone chooses Oneway road, encourage them to list the road that needs the Oneway tag added or removed.
  • Eliminate captcha for trusted users (by IP or add OSM authentication).
  • Ability to select multiple bugs at once and mark fixed/invalid.
  • Clearer Icons - The Start/Stop icons can be hard to distinguish, especially when other things are underneath. The flag is too small and has too much detail for the size it's show at on site. The icons are rendered transparently with another smaller circle underneath which makes the flag shape hard to discern.
  • Make clicking the legend select the respective route. Also make clicking a place where routes overlap cycle through the various routes.

Dealing with bugs that are aimed at Skobbler, not OSM

Is the only purpose of MapDust the improvement of OSM data, or do the Skobbler developers use it to get reports of buggy behavior in their app? If I see a bug with a comment "No bug can't get back to ap" ( is it fair to close it or do developers want to see it? Another example: Don't connect with bluetooth. Don't specify the street name when need to make turns. (

Lat/Lon-values in MapDust permalinks?

Could someone explain how the lat/lon-values in MapDust permalinks are defined? Normal decimal degree values obviously don't work, and that means that the MapDust links in our place template point to weird places.

It looks like they changed coordinate systems from decimal degrees to Spherical Mercator. See this Skobbler Forum Post --Dobratzp 04:31, 8 July 2012 (BST)

I've updated the Template:Place to do the calculation --Dobratzp 03:26, 18 July 2012 (BST)