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Periodic updates?

Awesome! Please provide the updates as a new "current" file and a diff. Ideally the diff file should indicate if the data is new, changed or to be deleted because an address is removed. It would be super to see something like this over time:

  • Addresses-2011-03.csv 1.0k
  • Addresses-2011-04.csv 1.2k
  • Addresses-2011-03-04-diff.csv 0.2k
  • Addresses-2011-05.csv 1.3k
  • Addresses-2011-04-05-diff.csv 0.1k
  • Addresses-2011-06.csv 1.5k
  • Addresses-2011-05-06-diff.csv 0.2k
  • Addresses-2011-07.csv 1.6k
  • Addresses-2011-06-07-diff.csv 0.1k
  • Current-Addresses.csv 1.6k