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Quality Control

A little due diligence shows that the applicant (David Garcia) has a gigantic web presence, exactly as he states, and is skilled in GIS etc. Educational resources are certainly good for community building. But, always a but, I am concerned about some issues:

  1. We have no idea if the applicant has any skills at making professional instructional movies. It is not easy. To convince a funder, typically a video application would be accompanied by a show-reel of previous work or examples of cutting edge work done while in training. That evidence is missing.
  2. The video proposal in the application is a bit scattershot - some QGIS, some JOSM, something else? Training videos need tight focus, simplicity and clear objectives. I'm not getting a sense of that from the application.
  3. I'd want to see at least a syllabus for the video series. Not a full script or story board but as the lawyers say, "heads of argument", a framework. Without which I have no idea what we're funding.
  4. We aren't a QGIS shop. I use it, love it, support it, but is this the right microgrant?
  5. Mention of JOSM also concerns me. For me, JOSM is a step-up application, for advanced users. Why is it in here?
  6. I don't read that any OSM user group has been consulted or is involved in this proposal. For me that is a big flaw.
  7. The accompanying wiki proposal is not sufficiently specified to evaluate its worth and to make a funding decision.
  8. There is no itemised budget. Instead we are offered a 50% discount on completely unspecified work. That does not make it any more attractive.
  9. The work appears to be underquoted. In tender evaluations such applications are shunned because underquoting contractors will typically fail to deliver.

hth (talk) 21:40, 16 May 2020 (UTC)