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eTrex Vista (Monochrome)

Version 3.70 - US version

Zoom Levels

5m, 8m, 12m, 20m, 30m ['overzoom'], 50m, 80m, 120m [zoom=24], 200m, 300m, 500m [zoom=22], 800m, 1.2km, 2km [zoom=20], 3km, 5km, 8km, 12km, 20km, 30km, 50km, 80km, 120km, 200km, 300km, 500km, 800km.

Zoom values observed by setting features in 'map-features.csv' and zooming in until feature first appears. Done with 'Normal' Detail setting.


When adding your own waypoint, you can set the following types:

Airport, Amusement Park, Anchor, Ball Park, Bank, Bar, Boat Ramp, Bowling, Bridge, Building, Campground, Car, Car Rental, Car Repair, Cemetery, Church, City Large, City Medium, City Small, Convenience Store, Crossing, Da, Danger Area, Dangerous Area, Department Store, Drinking Water, Fast Food, Fishing Area, Fitness Center, Forest, Gas Station, Geocache, Geocache Found, Glider Area, Hotel, Hunting Area, Information, Live Theater, Man Overboard, Medical Facility, Mine, Movie Theater, Oil Field, Parachute Area, Park, Parking Area, Pharmacy, Picnic Area, Pizza, Post Office, RV Park, Residence, Rest Rooms, Scales, Scenic Area, School, Seaplane Base, Shipwreck, Shopping Center, Short Tower, Shower, Skiing Area, Stadium, Summit, Swimming Area, Tall Tower, Telephone, Toll Booth, Trail Head, Truck Stop, Tunnel, Ultra Light Area, Waypoint, Zoo.

POI grouping in 'Find'

The PIO are grouped in to categories, these may have a second layer menu/selection if there are sufficient PIOs to warrant it. In the second level menu, some of the POIs are 'greyed out' indicating that there where none of that category in the current/active map (I therefore assume that there are no more POIs grouped into that top level category, although there may be more top level categories which are unseen at the moment).

Food & Drink (0x2A): American, Asian, Barbecue, Chinese, Deli/Bakery, International, Fast Food, Italian, Pizza, Seafood, Steak/Grill, Bagel/Donut, Cafe/Diner, French, German, British Isles, Other.

Lodging (0x2B): Hotel/Motel, B&B/Inn, Campground/RV Park, Resort, Other.

Attractions (0x2C): Amusment/Theme Parks, Museum/Historical, Library, Landmark, School, Park/Garden, Zoo/Aquarium, Arena/Track, Hall/Auditorium, Winery, Other.

Entertainment (0x2D): Live Theater, Bar/Night Club, Movie Theater, Casino, Golf Course, Skiing Center, Bowling Center, Ice Skating, Swimming Pool, Sports/Fitness Center, Public Sport Airport, Other.

Shopping (0x2E): Department, Grocery, General Merchandise, Shopping Center, Pharmacy/Chemist, Convience, Other.

Services (0x2F): Auto Fuel, Auto Rental, Auto Repair, Air Transportation, Post Office, Bank/ATM, Dealer/Auto Parts, Ground Transportation, Marina/Repair and Storage, Wrecker Service, Parking, Rest Area/Tourist Info, Automobile Club, Car Wash, Garmin Dealer, Other.

Transportation (0x2F also): Auto Rental, Air Transport, Ground Transport (these appear here instead of Services sometimes, don't know why/what triggers the change)

Emergency & Governmental (0x30): Police, Hospital, City Hall, Court House, Community Center, Boarder Crossing, Other.

Man Made Places (0x64): Cemetery, Church, Dam, Local, Mine, Park, School, Tower, Well.

Water Features (0x65): Bay, Canal, Cove, Fall, Island, Lake, Reservoir, Spring, Swamp.

Land Features (0x66): Beach, Cape, Cliff, Crater, Ridge, Summit, Valley, Other.

Other 'major' codes: '*' (0x00), Large City (0x01..0x06), Medium City (0x07..0x08), Small City (0x09..0x0D), '*' (0x0E..0x11), Marine Services (0x12), '*' (0x13), Country (0x14..0x15), State (0x1E), County (0x1F), Exit (0x20..0x27), Island (0x28), Other (0x29), '*' (0x31..0x3F), Golf Course (0x40), Mile Marker (0x5A), Bell (0x5b), Diving Area (0x5c), Green Day Mark (0x5D), Red Day Mark (0x5E), Point of Interest (0x5F), Horn (0c60), House (0x61), Spot Sounding (0x62), Spot Elevation (0x63), '*' (0x67..0x6D), Navaid (0x6E..0x6F), Danger Area (0x70), Navaid (0x71).

Rendered Map Features

Polygons: 0x04..0x49 Solid shades, 0x50..0x53 Patterned

Polylines: 0x00..0x1F various, 0x20..0x25 contours, 0x26..0x2b various

Points: Too many to list individually, basically [0x00..0x71:0x00..0x2F]. Mainly grouped by major number (see above) with some groups (mainly those listed in 'Find') broken down by minor number as well.

--Mungewell 04:13, 11 September 2008 (UTC)