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Place names with macrons / tohutō

After extensive discussion on the talk-nz mailing list thread

  • Where a place has a official name in the NZGB gazetteer this name (including macrons if any) shall be used in the "name" key.

Notes Some geographic features have dual language official names. These shall be used in the name key. For example

name="Lake Ellesmere / Te Waihora"
name:en="Lake Ellesmere"
name:mi="Te Waihora"

The gazetteer helpfully has a list of names that include macrons

Thank you for linking the discussion. I also agree with the consensus there. To me the situation is comparable to names and signs in Greece. Some signs are in uppercase only and Greek uppercase orthography omits diacritics. For example, a street named Αγίου Τριανταφύλλου is signposted as ΑΓ ΤΡΙΑΝΤΑΦΥΛΛΟΥ, but the former form would obviously be the preferred form for OSM.
I would like to suggest that we could also add the official Gazetteer link to the feature when we use that official source, e.g. source:name=
I think we’re in a good position to update the article now and maybe even move it from “New Zealand/Place names” to just “New Zealand/Names”. -- AlephNull (talk) 22:52, 12 December 2021 (UTC)