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regarding the new zealand fixme page: do we need this on a separate page to the main wiki project nz? at some later date, the it may get unwieldy, but at the moment there are no issues i can see with joining them together Myfanwy 02:36, 5 December 2007 (UTC)

My reasons for a separate page were as follows: - I think it could get big quickly, I was hoping to see smaller problems (eg your comment about Auckland motoway one-way issues included as well as bigger issues that affect the whole country as a whole like coast and lakes. I was sort of thinking of it as a place people could come to find suggestions of things that needing doing if their own area was already mapped or they don't have a car or a gps etc. -

I was also hoping that tasks that have been completed could be listed here as well so we can get an idea of how far we've come. However there will be overlap, for example should the thing that need fixing in Auckland be listed under Auckland on the main page or the fixme page or both? Or would it be better with current stuff needing doing on the main page and completed stuff moved off onto another page?

I'm new to the wiki way of doing things so if you can think of a better or tidier way of laying it out then feel free. I was also considering a section or a page for sub-projects to give us some milestones to aim for. As an example if you look on the UK page they have completed sub-projects for all motorways and the London tube stations and are working on one for all A-roads which are their primary roads. Maybe we could start off with trying to get all of State Hightway 1 or even just get nodes on for all the NZ cities/Major towns. Cheers rcr

agreed, it will get big very quickly and yes, i would like to see somewhere that people can go for a quick list of 'things to do'. as for breaking it down: i have initially broken it down by region, and i can see each (or maybe the bigger ones, at any rate) region getting it's own page at some point - personally i think it would be best to put a 'to do', a 'fixme' and a 'completed' item under it's respective sub-project, rather than having another page which then breaks the data down again by region or sub-project.

yes, the idea of breaking out some countrywide projects (motorways, railways, coastlines, rivers, etc.) is also a good suggestion

hope you don't mind me posting your reply here publicly - it appeared all strictly relevant to OSM, no personal/private stuff Myfanwy 02:43, 5 December 2007 (UTC)