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Noni GPSPlot works fine on the following configurations

  • MDA Vario (and Qtek 9100), Generic Bluetooth (originallly used for Tomtom Navigator 5, which is no longer supported), see below.
  • HP iPAQ H4150, Tomtom GPS Mk II BT

Noni GPSPlot does not work fine on the following configurations

(No entries yet)


Although maybe a little old fashioned, I have installed Noni GPSPlot on my MDA Vario[1](which runs on WM5). I also use a genereric Bluetooth GPS receiver. I use the app for hiking and walking. This works excellent.

The maps use a JPG file which you can edit (I use Windows 10, Paint and a Bamboo pad), which is very usefull. You draw your route on the map and all you have to do is follow the route. You can also make your own maps, but that is hard work. Do not use Photoshop, because, for some reason I do not understand, this corrupts the JPG file, making it unreadable for NoniGPSPlot.

Some of the features are locked, which means you cannot use them. I have tried contacting the author to get an accescode, to no avail however. Donating at time of writing still works, this will give you a "donor code" which you can enter and the app will become fully functional, although I have no idea how long the website will remain active. As there does not seem to be a manual, probably best if you learn how to use the application quickly or save the tutorial on your computer.

This is still a very good app. And extremely cheap (you can buy these phones and GPS receivers on any internet marketplace for next to nothing). JHvW (talk) 14:48, 4 February 2018 (UTC)