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The instructions are now slightly dated.

I notice that you say the link in step 1 is no longer valid. If you create an account on that link and then go to: you are presented with zipped and tarred csv files. Once you download the file of your choice, (I chose open_postcode_geo.csv.tar.gz) you get everything (including lat & long).

The spreadsheet can only handle a bit at a time as there are too many rows. So splitting the spreadsheet (or using two sheets in the same spreadsheet is needed). Remove the unnecessary columns, and that's that!

Howewer, what are the necessary columns?

The raw output (comma delimited) is:

AB1 0AA,terminated,small,385386,801193,1,Scotland,57.101474,-2.242851,AB10AA,AB1 0AA,AB1 0AA,AB,AB1,AB1 0,AB1,0AA

AB1 0AB,terminated,small,385177,801314,1,Scotland,57.102554,-2.246308,AB10AB,AB1 0AB,AB1 0AB,AB,AB1,AB1 0,AB1,0AB


Note Lat & Long are only 6 decimals, but any spreadsheet can put 7 decimals in the cell format (i.e. add a zero). 2,532,840 rows The tedious bit is removing the rows with \N that crop up in columns D, E, H & I.

As can be seen, the end columns have no spaces, 1 space, broken up into two parts. The first column has the postcode as we normally write it.

So I'm guessing columns A, H & I are the ones.

With a correctly modified spreadsheet (or csv) in mind, what would be the next step to insert it into a Garmin?

I'm drawn to gpsbabel, and find that I should do the following:

gpsbabel -i csv -f pc_lat_lon_gb_converted.csv -o osm,tagnd="amenity:postal_code" -F Gb_postcodes.osm

Not that gpsbabel wants lat, long, postcode - in that order (drag the first column in the spreadsheet to the end and save as a csv)

All this VBA stuff? LibreOffice on a Linux machine...