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Mapping objectives

Named stairways

Named stairways! Are you kidding me? That sounds great. We have to get these on the map.

Museums, stores, sport venues

All worth traveling to, all worth mapping.

Public transit

Subway, train and bus stations on a map are helpful for locals and for tourists.

Cycle, roller skate and running trails

Part of the beauty of any city is "off-road". Add these non-vehicle highways to show how people get around your city without creating exhaust fumes.

Street paving types

There are some unusual paving types in town, like cobblestone, sett, and wood. It would be neat to have these mapped (for example for routing, so one can choose to "avoid" these roads, to keep the suspension from breaking :-) )

Public interest

Have you ever needed to mail a letter and couldn't find a mailbox? Add the things that you want to find to the map. Mailboxes, post offices (I forgot to get stamps!) grocery stores, that great ethnic restaurant, etc.

Fire hydrants

See the pgh2o hydrant color codes! :-)

Mappers, experience and terminology


When a group of mappers go out to map an area they divide the area up like a cake so that everybody gets a piece of their own. This reduces unintended duplication of effort.

Experienced mappers

Experienced mappers may join us for some morning coffee and discussion, choose a piece of "cake" then head out mapping. If you have a mapping goal in mind that is not convenient to the venue, let us know your plan below so that you can claim your cake, then start mapping without the trip to the venue. Do be sure to join us Saturday afternoon for the editing, uploading and the social event later.

Experienced mappers, please bring your laptops for editing / uploading and a spare GPS if you have one. We'll have some spares to share with new folks, but you never know when an extra will help.

New mappers & curious onlookers

You don't have to be an expert to make valuable contributions, or to have a lot of fun with OpenStreetMap. Part of the fun for us is sharing our enthusiasm with you.

Come early Saturday and meet some of the experienced folks, before they head off. Some new mappers like to dive right in, and join an experienced mapper. Others will want to stay back at the venue for an Introduction to OpenStreetMap presentation (It's fun, not like the class you hated in school.)

Other new mappers will be more adventurous and will want to get mapping like the experienced folks. Great! Choose some cake in advance and we'll see you at the social, or join us in the morning for briefing with the experienced mappers.

Cake for November 16 - 17, 2008

Put your real cake entries here

Area Maps Description
(needs checking)
Who mapped this area?
citywide Just to let you know that I have been doing a bit of remote working on rivers and islands in the area in advance of the mapping party. I have just re-worked the existing waterways into a consistent and the preferred format and I think that I have now added all the remaining major waterways and islands within the urban area and it now renders correctly with Osmarender. The Mapnik layer won't get re-rendered until next Wednesday but it should look good when it does. I will check Mapnik rendering on the 21st Nov and sort out any remaining issues. It might be best of people left them well alone in the mean time, thanks! (btw Mapnik is much more fussy about some things that Osmarender and Osmaredner is more fussy than Mapnik about others and I think both should now be happy)! Have a good weekend and greetings from the UK. I have also being doing some work on bridges although this needs to wait for more tiger-fix up before much more can be done. :) Ok, so I have now been doing work on the major roads. Your tiger data is some othe worst I have seen and some of of the junctions I have just ripped up and starded again. I have created two carriageways where I could see they are required. I have done a very rough pass over all the 'motorways' in the central area and I have got the topology of intersections about right. Lots of finessing it still required to get it to sit properly on the photography and look good and many junctions require local knowledge (that I don't have), especially in the centre. I may carry on doing a 'rough cut' over a wider area and I suggest that someone local takes on the job of cleaning up the motorways as a priority as it then gives a better framework for work on the local roads. PeterIto 22:39, 12 November 2008 (UTC) PeterIto  
New mapper Have no idea what I'm doing, but sounds interesting. I plan to show up on Saturday for the 10:30 orientation. Vance K from WPLUG
The area you will be working in Optional link to a map What you will be doing Your name

Example cake entries

Area Maps Description
(needs checking)
Who mapped this area?
downtown area up from X to Y I will be sorting out the road layout in this area Example1
Cycle trails in example park Will cycle with the family to collect data Saturday and see you at the social. Example2