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Name of the tag

Tagging should be mapper-friendly. You can't expect people to remember what the (obscure) organisation is that runs the (well-known) blue flag scheme. blue_flag=yes is much simpler and better. (ed. than fee_blue_flag=yes)

The above is from the discussion at tagging maillist/Johan Jönsson 14:12, 6 July 2012 (BST)

Beach quality information

My guess would be, that there are more beach quality awards/rating systems (this for instance In that case there should be consistent way to tag all of them, not just one.

Something like beach_quality:fee=blue_flag or beach_quality:nrdc=***** The problem could be that the blue flag is not only for beaches, but also for marinas --LM 1

That is right, e.g. in Europe we have a mandatory poor/good/excellent marking of every bathing water:
Another problem would be that blue_flag is regarding both water and beach and the organization around it, so a blue_flag=yes on the topmost feature (e.g. beach_resort) would imply both beach:quality=excellent and bathing_water:quality=excellent
or if one want to have the info on the rating organization also on the implied tags
beach:quality:fee=blue_flag and bathing_water:quality:fee=blue_flag

Even without going into details of beach and water one could use a tagging system similar to yours on whatever the topmost feature are:
award:fee=blue_flag or award:flag:fee=blue or just blue_flag:fee=yes
award:nrdc=5 or award:stars:nrdc=5 or just stars:nrdc=5
(Se also stars=* )
/Johan Jönsson 11:19, 25 July 2012 (BST)

I would not insist on any particular system, but there should be one. award:issuer=level seems good as well. --LM 1 12:53, 25 July 2012 (BST)
With this in mind: "the (obscure) organisation that runs the (well-known) blue flag scheme" maybe award:scheme=level would be acceptable also, whatever is most known and short enough.
award:blue_flag=blue_flag (as you either have the award or not it could even be award:blue_flag=yes.)/Johan Jönsson 21:22, 26 July 2012 (BST)
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