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Definition of meditation centre

Is a meditation centre some kind of school, where meditation techniques are beeing taught? Or is it primary a place where the already skilled go to meditate.

I was thinking of an alternative tagging to amenity=meditation_centre that could be amenity=place_of_meditation (copied from amenity=place_of_worship). Then I am thinking of a place for meditation, something like those multi-faith prayer-rooms you mention. I guess the "centre"-part assumes something more elaborate.

One more thing, if it is a place where people go for healing, I think one should think on something along the lines of /Johan Jönsson 22:23, 3 September 2012 (BST)

Its quite different from a place of healing. Although healing may be a byproduct of practicing meditation it is by no means a goal of it. (at least not a number of varieties). As traditions and types of meditation vary quite a bit, some are for people of a certain faith, and already have experience, whearas others may be for anyone to come weather experienced or not. Some are religious and others are not. Something more generalized would probably be more suitable. The suggestion of amenity=place_of_meditation could very well work. weather you call it a centre or a place I don't see too much of a difference. Generally people refer them to as centres but if it fits in better with tagging protocols, then why not?