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First one ;) Just wanted to say that I like the proposal very much --Jannis 20:03, 20 January 2009 (UTC)

  • I support this proposal. --PatrickK 20:13, 20 January 2009 (UTC)
  • Maybe music=* ist better, what do you think? --kelvan 21:24, 20 January 2009 (UTC)
  • I doubt this info will be really useful. Music changes over time. Not only because one genre evolves, but because the usual music piece only lasts about 3 minutes, then comes the next. And the next evening a completely different set of music can be played. And then there's the difficulties with correctly naming a style or genre... - I think as a basic rule, things to be tagged in OSM should be physical and permanent. Music is neither physicsal nor permanent. SvenR 23:52, 20 January 2009 (UTC)
  • Looking for a tag like this i'll start using it for a few pubs in my neighbourhood which call themselves rock bars. 16:02, 11 October 2009 (UTC)
  • Vovkav 18:54, 21 February 2010 (UTC):I support this proposal.
  • I support that. because I need the informations for my application--Shmias 19:55, 10 February 2011 (UTC)
  • I do not support this. In my opinion, maps should cover the non-ephemeral. Certainly there is value to a geographical database of the transitory -- I'd really like to see an app that tells me which pubs serve the stouts I like -- but that should be an application that layers data on top of the map, not embedded within the map itself. (Similarly, I don't think even the name of the current business in a specific building really belongs in a map, but OSM has gone that way, too.) --MrRedwood 22:47, 19 August 2011 (BST)