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Hello, Montenegrin translator. We welcome you. Now we are discussing about language namespaces (DE: or Ja: etc.) and we want to decide that of your language. Once you should look Wiki Translation. Your language is a special case. Your language in not in ISO 639-1 code, because it is categorized one of dialects of Slovene. In this case, your language code will be "sl-mo" which means "Montenegrin Slovene". But your language has ISO 639-2 code, "sla" and ISO 639-3 code "srp". "sla" deals your language as a dialect of Slovene, too. but "srp" deals it as a dialect of Serbian language. To summarize you can select a namespace of your language from the following options.

  • "me" to keep the originality, but some software cannot recognize it.
  • "sl-mo" or "sla" by according to ISO 639-1 and -2.
  • "sr-mo" or "srp" by according to ISO 639-3.

-- Nazotoko 03:54, 29 June 2009 (UTC)