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For many reasons it is quite hard to decide when to use access=no or e.g. motor_vehicle=no. I understand the first paragraph of this page in a way, that access=no is nearly never applicable in real world mapping (I don't live even close to such military or government facilities). To my opinion, the first and the last paragraph contradict each other. A military or government facility open for public transport... I really don't understand that.


access=no is rarely useful alone, meaning it would likely be combined with another access: tag, such as a carpool lane/ramp being tagged access=no access:hov=yes (and probably also access:bus=yes access:motorcycle=yes access:psv=yes, at least where I live), which means the legal restriction is based on the mode alone. In contrast, access=private means that all modes are banned by default unless one has been granted specific permission, such as roads inside a gated area. The military/govt verbiage seems like a red herring to me. StephenTX (talk) 16:44, 3 October 2016 (UTC)