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Why this page is here, and should stay

The purpose of this wiki is to document what mappers do, so that other mappers can find it. In the case of this tag, there are many mappers who have chosen to use it to map a fire hydrant -- this is an indisputable fact. This page exists to document what this tag has been used for, not to provide any kind of recommendation to use it. Removing its content and sending people elsewhere effectively denies this tag has ever been used, which isn't the case.

Whether using this tag was the right thing to do, and whether a different, but equivalent, tag should have been used is a matter for discussion, and the results of that discussion should be recorded. Adding a note or banner to this page saying that there's a consensus against using this tag is fine, and even encouraged if appropriate. However, that requires consensus, not unilateral action, and if you're prepared to edit this wiki, you should be prepared to have a discussion here as well.

Jonathan Bennett 12:54, 11 November 2010 (UTC)