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This should be a sub-type of amenity=community_centre, e.g. community_centre=youth_centre. --Polarbear w (talk) 18:16, 20 September 2015 (UTC)

Details (numbers as of Sep 2015):

To prevent tag fragmentation, I think that amenity=youth_centre should be deprecated, and tagged


amenity=community_centre is used 29307 times, and rendered with icon and name on the general map.

The wiki definition of community_centre includes youth centres, among other locations targeted at specific age groups. Thus it makes sense to specify them with a sub-tag.

amenity=youth_centre is only listed as a "tag being used" in the wiki, and used 759 times. An overpass query shows that these uses focus mainly on Germany and England (UK).

Sub-tagging with community_centre=* was already proposed on the talk page in 2010, though the key is only used 71 times so far, for describing the target groups, such as =children or =elder

An alternative would be to reserve the community_centre=* for the type of the facility (e.g. =meeting_room, assembly_hall), and follow the scheme introduced in social_facility:for=*, that means defining community_centre:for=*, with mostly the same values. The social_facility:for scheme is well supported with 8534 uses. Example: