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Hi everybody,

I ran into a special case of jughandles: At a confluence of a lower classified highway into a higher classified (I've doubts whether confluence is the right english word for German "Einmündung", to clarify: I'm talking about a junction where one highway is ending, with the other highway not starting/ending at this junction. I also found a translation saying "highway A is discharging into highway B", but don't know what is best to choose). Example for such a confluence:

Wiki states, that at intersections of highways the links get the classification of the higher of the both There is an excellent table looking at the different cases: But both focus on intersections, and both on intersections on different grades.

Jughandles as currently discussed in OSM Wiki look at same grade intersections, but still intersections, not confluences.

So here is the problem with confluences

When mapping a confluence, I think that the links of highway A discharging into highway B should always get the classification and ref-Tags of highway A (and not B as stated in Wiki for intersections). Reason for this: Even if they are links, they still represent highway A. In case Highway A is discharging as a single piece (no separate links, very simple junction), it is always mapped as highway A. In case a junction gets extended by construction work (the last single way of highway A charging into highway B gets replaced by several links), applying the current rules from Wiki means that the final piece of highway A is mutating into a part of highway B. Esp. if you look at the ref-tags identifiying the highways for the classification system of the country, applying the rules for intersections means, that a piece of highway A becomes a part of highway B, only because it is now constructed in separate links and not as a single piece.

The example mentioned above ( has been mapped by me, I applied the Wiki rules, being very unhappy with the result for the reasons above. There has already been discussion in the German user forum (in German, sorry): Common sense: The intersection rules are not applicable, including statements, that mappers already map as described above.

Therefore I suggest to extend the Wiki for Jughandles for the case of confluences. But before I start doing so I'm looking for other opinions.

Any suggestion for what is the right english term for a confluence (German "Einmündung") is also welcome.

Many thanks

Bicycle tourer

Examples clarification in the images

It would be useful if, in the images of the examples provided, it were marked which are the road that should be tagged with junction=jughandle --AnyFile (talk) 08:20, 1 March 2022 (UTC)