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Discuss Tag:shop=hifi here:

merge with shop=electronics

I slapped a merge label on the page a while back when there was no description on the page here, but someone's documented this a bit properly now.

But would you not just map this as shop=electronics? and then maybe electronics=hifi. I know we have many shop types, and a lot of them are similar or overlapping, but I just don't see this hifi vs electronics distinction as worthy of a top level tag.

-- Harry Wood 01:14, 10 December 2011 (UTC)

The different shop tags have proliferated quite a lot since then, so I feel more relaxed about this. It' is a distinct type of shop, so we give it's own top level shop tag. These days have a lot of different shop types all bunged on the shop=* key, including a few other examples of overlapping definitions.
I'm thinking about it again today because I notice we're also adding shop=camera, which is another specialised type of electronics, which could be under the umbrella of shop=electronics, but again I think it's not unreasonable to give it a top level tag.
The only thing I wonder about now, is whether the definition here is a bit too specific. "high-fidelity audio equipment". We know the kind of shop we mean, but I wonder if it translates to other cultures. Would a little shop selling radios in Africa get this shop type? A tag for a shop selling "audio equipment" would make more sense as a slightly broader less fussy definition. ...but then "high-fidelity" is where the word "hifi" comes from. so ... meh. I don't think "hifi" was a very well thought out tag value, but this was added very early on the history of tag documentation.
-- Harry Wood (talk) 09:45, 5 June 2015 (UTC)