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Import tool

The Opendata Josm plugin, or more likely its dependency the geotools plugin makes JOSM able to open kmz-files directly, which can subsequently be converted to gpx > data layer and simplified with Tools > Simplify Way.

Import progress

By article

  • Njøs til Bjørgahaug: Not needed. Other uploaded traces used.
  • Njøs til Hangsete: Done. Part from Bjørgahaug to Hangsete used together with other tracks to make an average.
  • Njøs til Bergsete: Done. Track, and path to viewpoint. Uncler whether path from viewpoint is actually a path or a personal route of Arild.
  • Traktorvegen mot Hangsete: Done.
  • Utsiktspunkt nær Kyrafossen: Done.
  • Njøs til Skriki: Could not find corresponding kmz.
  • Njøs til Fadnastølen: Done.
  • Kvålen til Fadnastølen over Åsen: Done.
  • Fadnastølen til Tuftahaug: Done
  • Tuftahaug inn Njøsadalen på gamal sti: Couldn't find separate trace.
  • Kvålen til Havrane: Couldn't find separate trace.
  • Kvålen til Bergsete via Havrane og Moldbakken: Couldn't find separate trace.
  • Kvålen til Mjellhaugane via Bergsete, Moldbakken og Havrane: Done, but have still not mapped path to Bergsete as it is unclear whether it is a path or simply a suggested route.
  • Kvålen til Haoahaug: Does not have its own kmz

By trace

  • Tur Mjellhaugane frå Njøs via Bjørgahaug og Hangsete.kmz
  • Tur Tuftahaug etter traktorveg fr†å Kv†ålen.kmz: Done.
  • Tur Dalenfeltet til Haoahaug.kmz: Done.