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Highway Length

What do the length in the column „Mapped km“ mean? I checked for some Nhs the length of the mapped ways in OSM. Result : All these values in the „Mapped km“ column differ from the exact values.

There are a lot of cases in India, where the length values from MORTH are with errors. See for example the NH135A: official length= 256 km The NH is mapped in OSM without errors and the actual mapped length is 210.5 km.

So please do not rely on official values but calculate the really mapped length.

The Column Mapped km values are based on approximate values calculated from Google Maps. If you know how to get exact kms mapped in OSM please do let know or update the values. Deepu051993 (talk) 07:36, 12 September 2022 (UTC)

For calculating the exact length of the mapped NHs you can use the overpass turbo queries at the end of Heinz_V