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Replace the table with categories

Comment moved from Talk:WikiProject England

Why not replace the table with categories by the first two letters of the outcode (BB in the case of Blackburn with Darwen), and have a link to these (or even a category of categories). This would allow by postcode location of status/project pages, reduce the size of this page, and push the onus of maintenance of these links onto mappers active in an area. County & local authority pages could be suitably categorised as and when wiki authors feel so inclined. I'm all for keeping this page for a high-level overview with a sensible drill-down path. Hope this makes sense. -- SK53 16:15, 15 May 2009

A few years later we can see there's definitely a problem keeping this page up-to-date. It used to be more prominent on WikiProject England. Hopefully we do also have city/town pages in correct categories e.g. Category:Cities in England. That gives us lists, but not lists by postcode.

Drop progress columns

Currently we've got columns with progress estimates, and written mapping descriptions, none of which are in any way kept up-to-date. The simple solution to that problem would be to delete those columns. As far I can see we'd be losing nothing valuable.

That would leave us with a list of towns by postcode, with wiki links, which is all we really need. There's opportunity for people to try to maintain mapping progress information on the wiki pages of the towns. If we want a comparative list, well this approach was never going to succeed at giving us that anyway. It was never up-to-date and complete, even in it's heyday. Better to do some automated metric counting by postcode e.g. this schools edubase comparison tool

The question then is... any value in keeping the list at all. I think a list (with wiki links) ordered by postcode might be worth keeping. Should there be a 'name' column for the postcode region, and separate column for the city wiki links? Think so.

-- Harry Wood (talk) 22:59, 5 April 2016 (UTC)