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Emails and other references and notes

I’ve got this page up to start with, and plan to put extra notes for configuration per operating system and Garmin device. I’d also like to verify some configuration methods and let the GPSBabel guys know what works and what doesn’t to improve the Hotplug vs. Garmin USB on Linux page.

Some links to further info:

Things I’m aware of:

  • A more complete udev rules file might be, but then this may also not work (on Hardy, see email thread linked above):
SUBSYSTEM!="usb_device", SYSFS{idVendor}=="091e", SYSFS{idProduct}=="0003", GOTO="garmin_rules_end"
ACTION!="add", GOTO="garmin_rules_end"
ATTRS{idVendor}=="091e", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0003", MODE="0660", GROUP="plugdev"
  • I suspect SYSFS above should be replaced with ATTRS (on Debian and Ubuntu at least). It may be a synonym for ATTRS though. It should be matching the info given by ‘udevinfo
  • You can run ‘udevinfo -a -n /dev/bus/usb/${BUS_NUMBER}/${DEVICE_NUMBER}’ to get a list of sysfs attributes for the device.
  • If that doesn’t work, you may have to specify the sysfs path instead, which can be found with ‘udevinfo --query=path -n /dev/bus/usb/${BUS_NUMBER}/${DEVICE_NUMBER}’. Then run: udevinfo -a -p ${PATH}
  • Ubuntu 8.10 ‘Intrepid’ seems to have ditched the USB procfs interface completely now. The new sysfs interface is where it’s at these days. This will break some stuff. A possible (unverified) work‐around is to mount the usbfs on /proc/bus/usb: mount -t usbfs none /proc/bus/usb

Sward 23:59, 28 December 2008 (UTC)

  • Debian ‘Lenny’ and Ubuntu ‘Intrepid’ universe both contain the package garmin-forerunner-tools, which contains tools (meant for Forerunner and Edge series) to save “runs” in a Garmin format, convert that to GPX or polyline data for use with Google maps, and get info about the device. It also installs a udev rules file that should work.

Sward 14:27, 29 December 2008 (UTC)


Assuming all this works (which I didn't check yet) thank you very much for this excellent guideline! --Gary68 13:10, 29 December 2008 (UTC)

works as described for Fedora10, thanks :-) --Leviticus 08:27, 5 May 2009 (UTC)