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How to present/link_to specific parts of the video in a more appropriate way

I think it could be "ideal" to have (at least such) videos that have parts to which someone might want to link to directly uploaded (also) to YouTube. The reason being that YouTube offers solid deep-linking where you can link to any point of a video simply by adding "#t=XmYs" to the end of the URL (where X = minutes and Y = seconds of the point in question - e.g. So, if in this case

would be in YouTube then the Video contents (seen in the commentary of the main page):

00:00 Basic View operations. Zoom, Pan, Shift-zoom, change base layers
01:47 Wiki, 

could be easily linked to directly as noted above. --Jaakko 12:52, 17 March 2011 (UTC)

Ah yeah. You can do that on youtube can't you? I wonder if you can do it with vimeo too. So I suppose for any video where somebody wants to figure out a whole bunch of those type of links, we could create a separate wiki page. -- Harry Wood 15:35, 17 March 2011 (UTC)

Ref cleanup

Wouldn't it be nice if all the videos were sorted by subject instead of author? I.e a continious curated list ala:

Introduction to JOSM

  • video1
  • video2

Introduction to ID



  • splitting, simplifying, combining
    • video3#45s
  • the different classes
    • video4


FredrikLindseth (talk)