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Regarding categorization of such page (see last change made on November 27th 2009, 01:21 by User:Ceyockey) we need to have more coherence in all related pages.

If we only have to give the downest category of a hierarchy, we should then also remove the Belgium category from this list as the Brabant category is, itself, a sub-category of the Belgium category.

Moreover, a couple of pages need to be changed as well then and, especially, the categories Vlaams-Brabant and Brussels themselves which are both categorized as Brabant and Belgium where Brabant itself would have been sufficient as it is a sub-category of the Belgium category.

Therefore, my proposal in this specific case would be to use the Brabant category in addition to the provinces or region (Vlaams-Brabant, Wallon Brabant and the special case of Brussels) in addition to Belgium which would be the only category for the other provinces. This seems to me the most practical and natural compromise for this area.

Consistent alternative would be to use strictly and only the provinces (then we have also to drop the Belgium category everywhere when the province and Brabant itself).

Finally, if we adopt the first proposal, we need to correct Wallon Brabant that is categorized Brabant but is not categorized Belgium (Vlaams-Brabant and Brussels are).