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Good to see so much progress!

Regarding tagging, can i suggest for minor/residential roads in Addis:

  • highway=residential
  • surface=unpaved

I think highway=track is more reserved for rural tracks?

Do we know what roads are supposed to be primary/secondary/tertiary or even trunk? I suppose the ring road is clearly a motorway.


Good suggestion .. what's primary / secondary etc... I've got no idea. --Alexm 10:58, 2 July 2008 (UTC)

National Parks

Google Maps has data about national parks. It do not think, they traced this data on their own and used maybe public domain sources. Maybe we could use the same sources? --Alexm 12:48, 9 November 2008 (UTC)

Tagging in Developing Countries

Maybe we should set up a scheme, similar to for developing countries without official street classification?

boundary tagging

I have seen the proposed boundary marking for Ethiopia. I think a kebele should be at number 8 or 7. I am not sure if it is implemented in openstreetmap yet but online maps in some countries (in norway for example) have a boundary at property level. Since each property is numbered and registered with it's boundaries in central register. This smallest categories are even more important than the bigger boundaries between states and nations in the context of OSM that is It will make easier to identify addresses. Therefore the lowest number should be reserved for the property boundary. Please go to this page and zoom to a street level. It would enable people to exchange information by pin pointing the location, which is the whole point of OSM.

I have changed the suggested boundary marking for Ethiopia at the Wiki page for tag:boundary=administrative to 5 for the Zones, 6 for Woreda and 8 for Kebele (plus 10 for villages/Gots). 5 has already been used for Zones, so that this scheme should be the suitable one. Everybody who can and want to do so is invited and encouraged to add Woreda boundaries. --Ukundji 08:00, 15 June 2016 (UTC)

Language and Script of the name: tag

The main name: tag for administrative units and places in most countries in the world is reserved for the main/official language within the country itself. That`s why we can see the domestic script and language on most of the rendered maps for Arabian Counties or in countries like Georgia, Armenia, Israel, ran, Thailand, Laos, China and Japan. The only country I know about in which there is an agreement amongst the OSM community that the English name should be used for the main name: tag is India - a country with a lot of different languages and script systems and a special historical connection with the English language.

What about Ethopian languages?

I can hardly see any Ge`ez script and Amharic or Tigrinya language used in the main name: tag. The name is the fact for the Oromo and Somali languages for places and administrative units in their regions. Is this common sense amongst the Ethiopian OSM community? I know that there are a lot of discussions about languages and the dominating role of Amharic in Ethiopia and I do not think that tagging places in the Oromia State (Region) with a main name: tag in Amharic is ok. But I have done a bit of mapping in Amhara itself (Misraq Gojjam) and would prefer to use the Amharic name for the main name: tag, if available/known. I do not want to offend anybody or to reduce the usability of Ethopian OSM data and rendered maps for the international community, but would like to try to increase the benefit for the growing internet community in Amhara itself. --Ukundji 08:55, 2 July 2008 (UTC)