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Discuss Libya page here:

I would add...

I would add to the current wiki page the 3 sections below

  • intro
  • osm use
  • Vectorial data

Intro on Libya and current crisis from an OCHA sit rep

The OpenStreetMap community can assist the response by tracing various satellite imagery and other data sources, and collecting existing data sets below. If you have connections with expat Libyan communities, consider getting in touch to work with them to enter place names, etc.

Contatct points:

  • email at
  • mailing list hot
  • wiki & blog

Using OSM data

OSM data covers much more that just roads and boundaries, including...

  • transportation resources
  • water and sanitation infrastructure
  • health / medical facilities
  • ad hoc settlements = refugee camps

For frequently updated OSM data extacts of various types:

See GeoFabrik, Cloudmade, hot data download point

Vetorial Data

Link here OCHA COD

In the sections


  • mention effort for imagery outreach
  • mention imagery-based generated maps like UNOSAT, SERTIT specifying need for license calrification

User:Nicolas Chavent -- 11:08, 4 March 2011

So add it. It's a wiki! :-)
Well... looks like User:Jgc has done a good job adding important info to the page since you posted that
-- Harry Wood 10:14, 31 March 2011 (BST)