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Making the residential land use a multipolygon

At the moment (21 December 2010) the residential land use is a single polygon that covers the entire city. I find that this becomes difficult to edit when there are adjacent land uses because there are 2 sets of lines to change. For example, there are many different land uses around the Knavesmire - woods, allotments, grass, college etc. and constructing the patchwork of land usage is hard.

I would like to propose that areas like these are made up of a patchwork of multipolygons that share common boundaries rather than use areas. This way a feature can be defined once (like the shared boundary of the allotments and grass) and reused in multipolygons as many times as needed. This gives a clean rendering at all zooms and means that if the line needs to be changed there is only 1 line to alter. The allotments at the north end near Trentholme Drive are a good example of an area that's hard to tidy up.

For example, I have used this technique in mapping the Museum Gardens. If you look carefully there are no overlapping ways, no shared nodes and boundaries are defined once and then reused by the two multipolygons for the areas either side. The wall that separates St Olave's cemetery from the gardens themselves is a good example.

Does anyone have any views on this? I'm conscious that multipolygons are a contentious issue.

Seventy7 17:39, 21 December 2010 (UTC)