Tanzania Rural Mini Grids Mapping

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This project was started in March of 2018 was/is projected to last 2 or 3 months. Similar mapping may continue after that time frame, but that will be up to local stakeholders how they continue.


An effort to map all of rural Tanzania to support rural electrification via "mini-grids". A complete building map of the rural areas of Tanzania is needed for the most efficient planning and cost estimations.

Mapping is being done as remote mapping using the HOT Tasking Manager for coordination of mapping.


Mapping is being organized collaboratively between HOT and Ramani Huria with local mappers in Dar es Salaam

The main coordinator and contact person at HOT is Blake Girardot (OSM User: bgirardot - blake.girardot@hotosm.org)

The main coordinator and contact person in Dar es Salaam is Dorica Mugusi (OSM User: dorica_mugusi - dorica.mugusi@hotosm.org)

Changeset comment identification

Changesets that are part of this project should have the hashtags #RamaniHuria and #TZMiniGrids (early changesets only had the #RamaniHuria tag)

TM Projects and Instructions

The HOT Tasking Manager projects used for coordination are available for review here: https://tasks.hotosm.org/contribute?difficulty=ALL&text=TZALLRURAL


All mappers should be alert to comments on changesets and messages through OSM and depending on language options may reply directly or forward any messages to one of the mapping organizers for reply. All contacts via changeset comments or direct messages via OSM will also be forwarded by the mappers to mapping coordinators listed above.

If you have any difficulty getting a response to any mapping issue or other question (no reply in 24 hours Monday - Friday) you can always email info@hotosm.org which is guaranteed to get a response, usually within 24 hours/7 days a week.