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Targomo GmbH is a company based in Berlin/Potsdam, Germany offering a commercial Location Intelligence / Network Optimization Platform (TargomoLOOP), as well as an API suite of developer services (TargomoAPI).


  • Travel time analyses for one or more starting points
  • Selection and combination of various modes of transportation (walk, car, foot, transit)
  • Powerful and intuitive visualization
  • World wide coverage
  • Various Services
    1. Polygon Service - Isochrone polygons
    2. Multigraph Service - Aggregated geometries based on routable network
    3. Points of Interest Service - Categorical hierarchy, Vector tiles of POIs, precise travel times
    4. Reachability Service - A-X routing (matrix, multi-location)
    5. Route Service - A-B routing
    6. Statistics Service - Calculate reachable statistics, cross-reference results with vector tiles
    7. FleetPlanner Service - Traveling salesperson, multi-traveling salesperson, vehicle routing with customer deadlines/priorities, capacity constraints

API Services Examples


Targomo Polygons


Targomo Multigraph

Points of Interest

POI Service


Targomo reachability


Targomo Routing


Targomo Statistics

Fleet Planner

Targomo FleetPlanner


  • Henning Hollburg - Managing Director (henning.hollburg@targomo.com)
  • Support Email - support@targomo.com

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