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Te Araroa (The Long Pathway) [1] is a collection of walking trails in New Zealand, which when completed will allow hikers to walk from Cape Reinga to Bluff on off-road trails.

The Te Araroa Trust, who hold copyright for the data, have agreed to release the data under a permissive license, allowing the data to be imported into OSM.

This page will document the import

OSM have a suggested procedure for imports, which we may find useful - Imports

please add your wiki username/email address here if you would like to take part in the import:

To do

Suggestions are taken from the Imports page

  1. Get written permission from Te Araroa to use the data in OSM. Robin has received this
  2. Create a community. we have this already via the nzopengis list.
  3. Discuss the import. announcements to the above list, asking for suggestions, requests, possible problems, etc. discussion at the OSM Auckland meets (discussion at any other NZ meets appreciated)
  4. Develop a tag regime. The TA data will have its own tags. which of them do we use? how do we translate them to OSM tags?
  5. who will do the import/merging? the data covers the entire country - it may be preferable for mappers to do the work in their respective areas, rather than one person doing it all. how do we split the data up? the data consists of one track, made up of several smaller tracks - we could split by local track and then give local users access to the split data? the data will consist of several parts: the underlying paths/tracks/roads/etc., a relation for each of the local tracks (e.g. Auckland Coast-to-Coast Walk), and a super-relation for the entire walkway. some parts of this can potentially be imported automatically (probably the paths/tracks/roads/etc.), some may need adding by hand (probably the relations)