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Country 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Bolivia (proposed) N/A Departamentos / state border Regiones / regions Provincias / provinces Regiones metropolitanas / metropolitan regions Municipios, Territorio indígena originario campesinos, Pueblos / municipalities, Indigenous-original-farmer territories, towns Partes del municipio con autoridad, macrodistritos, comunas, juntas vecinales / parts of the municipality with authority, macro-districts, municipalities, neighborhood councils Partes del municipio sin autoridad / parts of the municipality without authority Organizaciones territoriales de base (OTB), Barrios, Unidad Vecinal (UV) / territorial base organizations, neighbourhoods, neighborhood unit
Germany: Umstellung auf: / changed to: (siehe Diskussionsseite / see discussion page), see also the original list with 10 values in table above
new levels:

Germany see also Grenzen in Deutschland

N/A federal states border



state-district border



county borders

Landkreis / Kreis / kreisfreie Stadt


amt [1]

Samtgemeinde, Verwaltungsgemeinschaft

LAU 1 (aka NUTS 4)

Towns, Municipalities / City-districts

Stadt, Gemeinde

LAU 2 (aka NUTS 5)

Parts of a municipality with parish councils /self_government

Stadtbezirk / Gemeindeteil mit Selbstverwaltung

Parts of a municipality without ...

Stadtteil / Gemeindeteil ohne Selbstverwaltung

Neighbourhoods statistical or historical

Stadtviertel etc.

Country 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Iran N/A Province (استان/Ostan) County (شهرستان/ Shahrestan) District (بخش/Bakhsh) • City (شهر/Shahr)
• Municipality or rural agglomeration (دهستان/Dehestan)
Village (روستا/Rousta) Urban District (منطقه شهری) Urban Area (ناحیه شهری) Neighborhood (محله/Mahaleh)
Mozambique (proposed) N/A States (Províncias) N/A N/A N/A Municipalities (Municípios) Districts (Distritos Municipais) Postos Administrativos Neighbourhoods (Bairros)
Country 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Philippines 10-admin level proposal is replaced by 11-admin_level, with sitios and puroks taking admin_level=11. See old administrative levels at table above
new levels


Regions (Rehiyon) Provinces (Lalawigan) Provincial legislative districts Cities/municipalities (Lungsod/bayan) City/municipal legislative districts Administrative districts of Manila, Iloilo City and Davao City, former barangays that remain in use for addressing purposes (e.g. in Quezon City, Caloocan) Barangay zones Barangay Sitio/purok
Poland N/A województwa (voivodships, provinces, regions). Details in Polish N/A powiaty (counties) - some cities have county status - in OSM their borders have both relations - one as a city and second as a county. Details in Polish gminy (municipalities) - some cities have municipality status - in OSM their borders have both relations - one as a city and second as a municipality. Details in Polish cities, towns and villages.
(miasta, miasteczka i wsie). Details in Polish
City districts (dzielnice) Przysiółki - usually isolated parts of villages. Details in Polish boundaries for neighborhoods (osiedla)
See (Thailand administrative levels)
  • Province / จังหวัด
  • Bangkok / กรุงเทพมหานคร
  • District / อำเภอ
  • District / เขต (in Bangkok)
  • Subdistrict Administrative Organization (SAO) / องค์การบริหารส่วนตำบล (อบต.)
  • City Municipality / เทศบาลนคร
  • Town Municipality / เทศบาลเมือง
  • Subdistrict Municipality / เทศบาลตำบล
  • Pattaya City / เมืองพัทยา
  • Subdistrict / ตำบล
  • Subdistrict / แขวง (in Bangkok)
Khwaeng / แขวง (in municipality) Village / หมู่บ้าน Community / ชุมชน
Turkmenistan (proposed) N/A Provinces / Welayatlar / Области (e.g., Ahal) Provincial districts / Welayatyň etraplary / Районы областей (e.g., Ak Bugday etrap) N/A N/A Cities and Towns / Şäherler we Şäherçeler / Города и поселки (e.g., Ashgabat, Dashoguz, Ýölöten) Rural Councils and Municipal Boroughs with mayors, Villages / Geňeşler we Şäheryň häkimli uly etraplary, Obalar / Сельсоветы и крупные городские районы с мэром, Села (e.g., Babarap, Köpetdag etrap) Neighborhoods, Hamlets, Municipal Districts / Ýaşaýaş toplumlary, Oba ilatly punktlar, Şäheryň kiçi etraplary we etrapçalary / Микрорайоны, Хуторы (e.g., Parahat 7, Çoganly Ýaşaýaş Toplumy) Subdistricts / Etrabyň etraplary / Субмикрорайоны (e.g., Parahat 7/2)
Venezuela N/A The main first-level administrative division in this country:
Some administrative elements in certain parts of this country:
  • Distrito Metropolitano
  • Alcaldía Mayor
The main second-level administrative division in this country:
The main third-level administrative division in this country:
Cities, towns and other inhabited places:
Neighborhoods in general, into which a city or town is subdivided:
Neighborhoods in general, within other neighborhoods in general:
Others minor administrative elements, or a third-level subdivision of neighborhoods
Country 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11