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Ar:User box
osm آثار خريطة
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This template inserts a box in your User page, with quick informations and some links about you.

You can enter your country, state, region, department, county, city..

Each unused value will simply be unused.

You can also tell your prefered GPS device and OSM editor.


  • name (optional) your real name to display (by default will display the base page name on the wiki).
  • osmname (optional) your real OSM user account (by default will display the base page name on the wiki). This is needed because:
    • the wiki user name base page name of the user page is ambiguous about the letter case on the wiki (which is necessarily uppercase) and about the presence of spaces (not differentiated from underscores) but OSM user names are fully case significant and differentiate underscores or spaces and are less restricted than on the wiki.
    • user accounts on OSM and on the wiki are created separately and could conflict between different unrelated users so their respective OSM username and wiki username will not necessarily match.
    • Do not URL-encode the OSM name, just specify the actual username (in its native script, not necessarily ASCII-only) as it is typed to login on the OSM website.


  • country (optional)
  • state (optional)
  • region (optional)
  • department (optional)
  • county (optional)
  • city (optional)
  • lat : your latitude
  • lon : your longitude
  • zoom : prefered zomm for your map (optional, default: 14)


  • GPS_device : your prefered companion on the road (optional). You can specify up to 3 devices, separated by a comma or semicolon.
  • OSM_editor : your best friend at home (optional). You can specify up to 3 editors, separated by a comma or semicolon.
  • mapJumper : the number of services in yout bookmarklet mapJumper (optional)


{{User box
| name = First Last <!-- your real or preferred name or alias to display -->
| osmname = First_Last <!-- the true page name of your OSM user page, if different from the wiki user name or if it includes spaces -->
| country = France
| state = 
| region = Franche-Comté
| department = Doubs
| county =
| city = Besançon
| GPS_device = Garmin eTrex Legend HCx
| OSM_editor = JOSM
| mapJumper = 8
| lat = 47.21836
| lon = 6.04635
| zoom = 15

Copy, paste into your user page, change what must be changed (quite all !) and enjoy !


See FrViPofm

Translation and adaptations of this template

You can create a template in your own language (let's say it uses the language code : lang) that call this one.

  • Create the template : Template:lang:User_box
    The language code used should be conforming to the BCP 47 standard:
    • Use a 2-letters code for a single language from ISO 639-1 (lowercase except DE,ES,FR,IT,JA,NL,RU), else from ISO 639-2 (lowercase only), otherwise a 3-letters code from ISO 639-3 (lowercase only).
    • If you need to adapt the template for a country or a subdivision to display correct names for their subdivision types, name it: Template:lang-cc-sub:User_box, where cc is a country code (lowercase only) from the ISO 3166-1 standard. This 2-letters country code may be possibly followed by -sub for specifying a lowercase 2-to-3-letters/digits subdivision code (preferably from ISO 3166-2 or a national standard otherwise; if this standard uses some 1-letter codes, don't use it, use a standard language variant code described here after, or an abbreviation described in the next item); the standard country code and the optional standard subdivision code may then also be followed by a short lowercase abbreviation of the subdivision (preferably a 5-to-8-letters language variant code from the BCP 47 standard); and then it may be followed by -ssss for a lowercase 4-letters script code (from the ISO 15924 standard).
    • But if there's no standard for the subdivision code, use -x-abbrev at end of the prefix just before the : colon (for example, Template:lang-cc-x-abbrev:User_box), where the abreviation is made with 1 to 8 lowercase letters/digits without any spaces.
    • However the generic translation (using only a language code prefix and no extension) should not be too much regional specific, if the same language is used in multiple countries or regions.
  • Paste the following code
<includeonly>{{User box
| lg = lang<!-- replace "lang" by the actual language code without any enclosing quotes -->
| traces_lb = traces
| map_lb = map
| country_lb = Country
| state_lb = State, Province or Federal subject<!-- may be adapted for a country -->
| region_lb = Administrative region, Regierungsbezirk, Oblast, or Autonomous community<!-- may be adapted for a country or state -->
| department_lb = Department, or Subregional province<!-- may be adapted for a country or subdivision -->
| county_lb = County, Arrondissement, or Local district<!-- may be adapted for a country or subdivision -->
| city_lb = Local municipality (City, Town or Village)<!-- may be adapted for a country or subdivision -->
| GPS_text = {{#if:{{{GPS_device|}}}|J’utilise un GPS [[{{{GPS_device}}}]]|}}
| editor_text = {{#if:{{{OSM_editor|}}}|J’édite avec [[{{{OSM_editor|}}}]]|}}
| mapJumper_text = {{#if:{{{mapJumper|}}}|I jump between {{{mapJumper}}} maps using [[User:FrViPofm/mapJumper|mapJumper]]|}}
| name = {{{name|}}}
| osmname = {{{osmname|}}}
| country = {{{country|}}}
| state = {{{state|}}}
| region = {{{region|}}}
| department = {{{department|}}}
| county = {{{county|}}}
| city = {{{city|}}}
| GPS_device = {{{GPS_device|}}}
| OSM_editor = {{{OSM_editor|}}}
| mapJumper = {{{mapJumper|}}}
| lat = {{{lat|}}}
| lon = {{{lon|}}}
| zoom = {{{zoom|}}}
}}</includeonly><noinclude>{{Documentation|Template:User box/doc}}</noinclude>

You may remove the parameter |Template:User box/doc in this last line, if you wish to also translate the documentation page for your new template.

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