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The content of this proposal has been archived to avoid confusion with the current version of the documentation.

See on Template:Archived proposal how one may mark older proposal version to provide easy link for viewing archived content. (quick hint: {{Archived proposal|archive_id=}})

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This template can be used to archive a proposal.


When a proposal has been approved, documentation pages for the keys, tags and relations should be created as described on Proposed features#Post-vote clean-up, with links back to the proposal. At least initially, the content of the new pages will often duplicate the proposal.

Once all documentation is available elsewhere, the proposal may be archived using this template.


Go to the View history link on the proposal page and load the version of the proposal page after the vote has completed. The link in the location bar of the browser now includes &oldid=[number]. Populate the archive_id parameter with this oldid number.

Wikimedia documentation on oldid


{{Archived proposal|archive_id=862561}}

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