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As of 5 December 2023 (2023-12-05)[ref]

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  1. param 1 is the year
  2. optional param 2 is the month
  3. optional param 3 is the day of the month
  4. optional named parameter alt=[text] is alternative display text (may include wiki markup)
  5. optional named parameter df=US produces American date format in displayed text
  6. optional named parameter lc=on gives lower-case-first output
  7. optional named parameter url=[URL] gives statement reference

Default text displayed: "[A/a]s of [date]"

Adds several categories to the page:


  • {{AsOf|2021|1|2}}: As of 2 January 2021
  • {{AsOf|2021|1}}: As of January 2021
  • {{AsOf|2021|1|2|lc=on}}: as of 2 January 2021
  • {{AsOf|2021|1|2|df=US}}: As of January 2, 2021