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This template can be useful in tables and is an extension of {{BrowseRelation}} (now {{Relation}}). The difference is that there is one more text link to OSM. The text can be defined by a language, passed as a parameter:

  • en — “See on the map” (en)
  • ru — “Посмотреть на карте” (ru)
  • any — User-defined string.

List of languages can be extended. The template helps users that are not familiar with OSM not to become confused.


{{BrowseRelationTxt|12345|en}} produces:
See on the map →
relation 12345

{{BrowseRelationTxt|12345|ru}} produces:
Посмотреть на карте →
relation 12345

{{BrowseRelationTxt|12345|在地圖上查看}} produces:
在地圖上查看 →
relation 12345

Usage examples

RU:Penza/Public transport (ru)