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This template takes only an argument, which specifies the nature of the event in Template:calendar:


  {{Cal|none}} for headings only, not an event.
Mapping party {{Cal|mapevent}} for mapping parties, or other surveys.
Social {{Cal|social}} for informal meetings, or just to have a beer with fellow OSM addicts.
Meeting {{Cal|meeting}} for meetings in meatspace.
Speaking {{Cal|speaking}}
or {{Cal|talk}}
for small local talk and presentation events.
Conference {{Cal|conference}} for talks, panels and conferences with multiple presentations.
Pizza {{Cal|pizza}} for hack-a-thons/mapathons involving pizza (or eating other meals, e.g. pasta-parties, or brunches).
IRC {{Cal|irc}} for IRC meetings at the OSM official IRC channel.
TV {{Cal|tv}} for TV/press appearances. Turn on your TV that day!
Podcast {{Cal|podcast}} for radio/podcast recordings.
Info {{Cal|info}} for information.
MISC {{Cal|misc}} for anything else

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