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Puts a text in the form of a button. Inline element, it can be contained in a block (paragraph, div) or be colored.


  • {{Clickable button|Button label}}


  • {{Clickable button|My super button}}

My super button

Colors and syntax

It is very important to keep and respect this color code, in order to have a consistent interface. If you are creating a template to attract attention, focus on the message and its layout (title levels, clarity) rather than putting a red button that will be misinterpreted.

There are three colors available on this button:

Color Meaning Syntax Render
grey default color
default button not requiring any particular comment
{{Clickable button|Basic action}} Basic action
blue action to highlight
incite to click
{{Clickable button|Go to the next step|color=blue}} Go to the next step
red cancellation
{{Clickable button|Cancel the current action|color=red}} Cancel the current action

There was until March 2016 a green button, which has been removed to avoid confusion with the blue button as to what actions to take.


Adds a clickable button in the style of Wikipedia. To lead to a page, must be used in a tag with an external link.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Button name1

Title on the button


Three possible choices. blue : action to put forward encourage to click ; red : cancellation, error, danger