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The {{country}} template brings in a bright bold stylised full-width banner across the top of a wiki page about a country.


If you wish to use this on your country's wiki page, place the template near the top of the page. Note that it assumes the existence of a number of headings, which you will need to create lower down your page: #Events #Projects #Status and #Guidelines.

All template parameters are like those used in {{Place}}, including :

The map displayed at bottom is optional, it can be disabled by setting map= to an empty value or to map=no.
It can be also static (instead of slippy by default) by setting map=static (the displayed static map is still clickable to browse the dynamic map on the main OSM website).

The only additional parameters are:

the name of the country flag image (without the "File:" namespace prefix)
to replace or translate the default text "Hello!"

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