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This template can be used to get a localized country or territory name by English name and language code.

  • The first parameter: country or territory name in English
  • The second parameter (optional): language code
  • prep=of or prep=in (optional) used to translate a preprosition and infer genitive/locative cases, possibly with a relevant article
  • noun=* (optional) used along with the previous prep parameter for correctly ordering the preposition, grammatical cases or article (note: this parameter is not translated and used as is independantly of the language requested by the second parameter).
example result
{{CountryNameLang|Japan}} Japan
{{CountryNameLang|Japan|en}} Japan
{{CountryNameLang|Japan|fr}} Japon
{{CountryNameLang|United States|fr}} États-Unis
{{CountryNameLang|Japan|ja}} 日本
{{CountryNameLang|Japan|prep=of|noun=Flag}} Flag of Japan
{{CountryNameLang|Japan|en|prep=of|noun=Flag}} Flag of Japan
{{CountryNameLang|Japan|fr|prep=of|noun=Drapeau}} Drapeau du Japon
{{CountryNameLang|United States|fr|prep=of|noun=Drapeau}} Drapeau des États-Unis
{{CountryNameLang|Japan|ja|prep=of|noun=旗}} 日本の旗
{{CountryNameLang|Japan|prep=in|noun=Cities}} Cities in Japan
{{CountryNameLang|Japan|en|prep=in|noun=Cities}} Cities in Japan
{{CountryNameLang|Japan|fr|prep=in|noun=Drapeau}} Grandes villes au Japon
{{CountryNameLang|United States|fr|prep=in|noun=Grandes villes}} Grandes villes aux États-Unis
{{CountryNameLang|Japan|ja|prep=in|noun=都市}} 日本の都市

See also

  • {{Langcode}} – determines the language to use from the current page, when the lang parameter is not specified in this template.
  • {{Flagicon}} – uses this template with "prep=of".
  • {{CountryLang}} – used by {{Country}}.