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Here is a non-exhaustive list of deprecated features that you may include in your language's page "Deprecated features".

  • This table is filled in English by adding an item using this syntax:
{{Deprecated features/item
|dkey=Deprecated key | dvalue=Deprecated value (optional)
|dvalue_nolink=1 (only if the specified optional deprecated value has no separate "Tag:" page)
|suggestion=(simple list of replacement tags, or links to a page with details; no remarks here please)
|1=''N'' (an integer that identifies the translatable reason below)
|2={{{''N''|Reason/remarks in English}}}
  • In order to include the table in your language's page, just use the following syntax:
{{Deprecated features
|date=... (Date)
|old_kv=... (Deprecated key/value)
|usage=... (Current usage)
|suggestion=... (Suggestion of replacement)
|reason=... (Reason)

|''N''=... (for each translated rationale)

where the dots have to be replaced by your translation.

The numbers correspond to the column "N" in the table; when the same reason is given for several items, the same number should be used. (If you don't provide a translation for a number, the default English text will be displayed).

(Note that this text, as well as the above, won't be displayed in your language's page.)