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This page is an alternative for Template:State_Place, and thought for much smaller areas, because of the more work-intensive things checked.

Furthermore it works with only one image per category, which is shown with another (HTML-)background-color. Therefore the used images have a transparent background.


The template can be used the following:

Picto Housenumbers.png Picto Buildings.png Picto BikeAndFoot.png Picto StreetSigns.png Picto StreetStatus.png
Picto Shopping.png Picto PostPackages.png Picto Children.png Picto Food.png Picto Psv.png


Img Key Description
Picto Housenumbers.png hn housenumbers
Picto Buildings.png b building outline, gardens, fences, nature, etc.
Picto BikeAndFoot.png bf bicycle- and footways
Picto StreetSigns.png sg signs, traffic lights, access/turn restrictions, barriers
Picto StreetStatus.png st street status: lanes, track quality, lightning, cycleways, pavements
Picto Shopping.png sh shopping (any kind of shop, fabric, etc.)
Picto PostPackages.png p post and package shops/boxes
Picto Children.png cs children (playground), sports and schools
Picto Food.png f food and gastronomy
Picto Psv.png psv public service vehicles (including taxis)