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Makes a permanent link to an object in OSM, based on semantics. See documentation.


  • icon = the icon to be displayed before the link. E. g. [[File:Relation.svg|link=Elements#Relation]]
  • query = The query without the "[out:custom]" and "out;".
  • url = url to be constructed using the data acquired.
  • bbox = a global bbox to be used. Format: lon1,lat1,lon2,lat2 (as opposed to lat1,lon1,lat2,lon2 if used inside the query)
  • text = The link text to be displayed.

Note to template programmers: If the functionality of this template is extended, please consider modifying the following templates as well so that they can use the extension:

and maybe as well


{{DisplayOverpass|query=way["name"="Ludwigskirche"](49,6.9,50,7)|url=http://api.openstreetmap.org/api/0.6/{{{type}}}/{{{id}}}|text=XML data Ludwigskirche Saarbrücken}}
{{DisplayOverpass|query=way["name"="Ludwigskirche"](49,6.9,50,7)|text=Display Ludwigskirche Saarbrücken}}
{{DisplayOverpass|query=way["name"="Ludwigskirche"]|bbox=6.9,49,7,50|text=Display Ludwigskirche Saarbrücken}}


XML data Ludwigskirche Saarbrücken Display Ludwigskirche Saarbrücken Display Ludwigskirche Saarbrücken