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Social Feb 6-7 Old Havana, Cuba
Mapping party Feb 7 Albany Creek, Brisbane, Australia
Mapping party Feb 7-8 Mountain View, California, USA
Mapping party Feb 7-8 Dallas, Texas, USA
Social Feb 8 Stammtisch Hannover, Germany
Social Feb 8 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Social Feb 10 Hamburger Mappertreffen, Germany
Conference Feb 10 Toronto Linux Group, Ontario Canada. Richard Weait will speak about OpenStreetMap.
Conference Feb 11 Leicester Linux User Group OSM Talk, UK
Social Feb 12 9. Stammtisch Berlin, Germany
Social Feb 12 Leipzig, Germany
Social Feb 13 Chemnitz, Germany
Mapping party Feb 14-15 2nd Medway Mapping Party, Kent, UK
Mapping party Feb 14-15 Orange County, California, USA
Mapping party Feb 14-15 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Mapping party Feb 14-15 Houston, Texas, USA
Mapping party Feb 15 Mapping-Aktion Veitshöchheim, Germany
Social Feb 17 Stammtisch Göttingen, Germany
Social Feb 17 München Monthly Meeting, Germany
Social Feb 18 Karlsruhe, Germany
Social Feb 18 Denver, Colorado, USA Presentation
Social Feb 18 3. Kölner Stammtisch (Cologne Meeting), Germany
Social Feb 18th London random pub meet-up - Liverpool Street
Conference Feb 19 New Hampshire (location TBA) Richard Weait will speak about OpenStreetMap for CERT.
Conference Feb 20-22 SCALE 7x [1] Los Angeles, California Blars Blarson will speak on OSM
Mapping party Feb 21-22 Spanish 2nd anniversary mapping party (Soria)
Mapping party Feb 21-22 New York, New York, USA
Mapping party Feb 21-22 Berkeley Mapping Party Feb2009, California, USA
Social Feb 26 Nürnberg/Fürth/Erlangen Treffen, Germany
Mapping party Feb 28- Mar 1 Denver, Colorado, USA
Social Mar 3 Braunschweig, Germany
Social Mar 5 DresdnerOSMStammtisch, Germany
Social Mar 5 Birmingham, UK
Mapping party Mar 7 Leicester_Mapping_Party, UK
Mapping party Mar 7-8 Dallas, Texas, USA
Social Mar 9 9. Würzburger Treffen, Germany
Social Mar 11 Stammtisch Hannover, Germany
Conference Mar 11-13 III jornadas de SIG libre, Girona, Spain
Social Mar 12 10. Stammtisch Berlin, Germany
Conference Mar 14-15 Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2009, Germany
Mapping party Mar 14-15 Houston, Texas, USA
Mapping party Mar 14-15 South Hampshire Mapping Party, UK, detail to follow
Conference Mar 17-19 FOSSGIS 2009, conference for free geosoftware, Hannover, Germany
Social Mar 17 München Monthly Meeting, Germany
Social Mar 18 Karlsruhe, Germany
Mar 20-23 Provisional scheduled API downtime for upgrade to API v0.6
Mapping party Mar 21-22 Luton/Mapping Party, UK
Conference Mar 25-27 Kartdagarna, conference for cartography and GIS in Sweden.
Social Mar 26 Nürnberg/Fürth/Erlangen Treffen, Germany
Mapping party Mar 28 Crested Butte, Elk Mountain Grand Traverse, Colorado, USA
Conference Apr 1-2 OpenExpo, fair for opensource software in Bern, Switzerland
Social Apr 2 DresdnerOSMStammtisch, Germany
Social Apr 2 1. OSM-Stammtisch für Lübeck und Umgebung, Germany
Social Apr 2 Birmingham, UK
Mapping party Apr 5 Die Vermessung der Mannswiese, Schriesheim, Germany
Social Apr 7 Braunschweig, Germany
Social Apr 9 11. Stammtisch Berlin, Germany
Social Apr 11 Stammtisch Hannover, Germany
Social Apr 15 Karlsruhe, Germany
Social Apr 21 München Monthly Meeting, Germany
Mapping party May 2-3 Bergen mapping party, Norway
Social May 5 Braunschweig, Germany
Social May 7 DresdnerOSMStammtisch, Germany
Social May 12 Stammtisch Hannover, Germany
Social May 14 12. Stammtisch Berlin, Germany
Social May 19 München Monthly Meeting, Germany
Social May 20 Karlsruhe, Germany
Social Jun 4 DresdnerOSMStammtisch, Germany
Social Jun 5 Stammtisch Hannover, Germany
Social Jun 7 Braunschweig, Germany
Social Jun 11 13. Stammtisch Berlin, Germany
Social Jun 12 Stammtisch Hannover, Germany
Social Jun 16 München Monthly Meeting, Germany
Social Jun 17 Karlsruhe, Germany
Conference Jun 22 Open Source GIS UK Conference - University of Nottingham
Social Jul 2 DresdnerOSMStammtisch, Germany
Social Jul 7 Braunschweig, Germany
Social Jul 9 14. Stammtisch Berlin, Germany
Conference Jul 11-12 The State of the Map 2009
Social Jul 13 Stammtisch Hannover, Germany
Social Jul 15 Karlsruhe, Germany
Social Jul 21 München Monthly Meeting, Germany

How to update the calendar

The above calendar box appears in many pages (most notably the Main Page and Current Events page).

When an event is past and you remove it from this table, please add it to the PastEvents table.

Two templates are used for this. Template:Calendar2 contains the framing, background colors, etc. and Template:Calendar (this one) contains the dates and events. If you click 'edit' you'll see a table following this format:

|Month Day           || Event, '''City''', Country
|Month Day-Day       || Event, '''City''', Country
|Month Day-Month Day || Event, '''City''', Country

Use one of the following templates to specify the nature of the event:

Appearance Code Info
Conference {{Cal|conference}} for talks, panels and conferences.
Info {{Cal|info}} for information.
IRC {{Cal|irc}} for IRC meetings at the OSM official IRC channel.
Mapping party {{Cal|mapevent}} for mapping parties, or other surveys.
Meeting {{Cal|meeting}} for meetings in meatspace
Pizza {{Cal|pizza}} for hack-a-thons involving pizza at ungodly hours
Social {{Cal|social}} for informal meetings, or just to have a beer with fellow OSM addicts.
Speaking {{Cal|speaking}} for anything else
TV/Press {{Cal|tv}} for TV/press appearances. Turn on your TV that day!

BIG events could be written in bold. You will need to crank up the font size a notch in order for this difference to show up on the Main Page (since font size is reduced there). What is a big event? We could define this as any event at which more than five OSM people are attending i.e. not just someone's idea of a possible mapping party, but an actual serious OSM gathering!